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'How-to' Videos

These clips will show you how to do various repairs, as well as provide tips on maintaining and using your recliner.

Though some clips will be posted elsewhere on this website, this page is intended to be the place where you can access all the Recliner Repair Guy video content at once.

For now, this page will mirror my Recliner Repair Guy YouTube page channel and carry the same content.

Replacing a La-z-boy Floor Base Glide

How to Restuff a 3-Pillow Recliner Back

The La-z-boy Recliner 3-Position Footrest

How to Replace a La-z-boy Recliner Handle

What You Need To Know Before You Order Parts Online

Getting Parts From Dealers & Manufacturers

Why It Can Be Difficult To Obtain Parts

How to Install La-z-boy Rocker Springs

La-z-boy Recliner Tilt Back Feature & Tension Adjustment

La-z-boy Back Removal & Related Problems

Repairing a Loose Lane Arm Frame