Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Can you send me replacement parts?

question markNo, sorry. I typically only stock parts for the customers I service. Learn more about getting the parts you need.

Can you fix my recliner?

Yes, as long as you reside in my service area and repair parts (if needed) are still available.

Is my chair worth fixing?

Have a repair tech look at your chair to get the answers you need. By taking the guesswork out of the process, it's easier to decide whether to pay for repairs or put that money toward a new chair instead.

Can you repair my chair the same day?

I can usually tell you whether your chair is a candidate for same day service, if you can provide me with a good description of the problem.

Do I have to bring my recliner to you?

If I come to your home or store, there's a service call (trip charge) + labor for the repairs. If you bring your chair to my shop (& pick it up), you only pay the repair labor.

How much will repairs cost?

It depends on the problem. Costs can be minimal, such as replacing broken or missing hardware or reattaching a loose spring. Or more expensive, as with repairing a broken frame.

If you're looking for in-home service, keep costs down by using a local repair tech.

Do you repair leather?

I install leather replacement panels, when available. I do not patch tears or holes or color-match scratches. This requires a leather repair specialist.

Tip: For very small scratches or rub marks, furniture touch up markers work well with medium and dark leather colors. Always test your marker (or touch up paint) on a small, inconspicuos spot first.

Can you help me find a recliner repair tech in my area?

Yes. See the Find A Repair Tech page.

I have a lifetime warranty, so my repair is covered, right?

If your recliner is less than 1 year old and you didn't buy it "as-is", you should be covered. Contact the retailer where you purchased the chair to report a problem.

To learn more about warranties, visit the Warranty page.

The store where I bought my chair has closed. Is my warranty worthless?

Not as long as these 3 conditions exist:
  • The manufacturer is still in business
  • Any parts needed for the repair are still available, and --
  • The recliner still has some warranty coverage remaining

The store where I bought my chair has closed. Is my extended warranty worthless?

If you purchased an extended warranty that was provided by the retailer where you bought the chair, you may no longer have that coverage, unless the store was part of a chain or franchise that is still open.

Extended warranties are sometimes provided by 3rd parties (not the retailer or manufacturer). If that's what you have, you should still have the coverage as long as that 3rd party company is still in business and the fine print says you're still covered. Refer to your extended warranty agreement.