How to Find a Repair Guy

When searching online for a repair tech, use the term "furniture repair", as not all techs work exclusively on recliners. So your search should look like this: "furniture repair" (+) "your city, state".

If that doesn't pull up some prospects, you'll have to try a another approach. Start by checking the places where you'd expect to find a furniture repair guy:


  • Furniture Stores
  • Upholstering Shops
  • Furniture Manufacturers

Furniture Stores

Businesses that handle furniture on a regular basis -- furniture retailers, outlet stores and furniture rental companies -- are all places that utilize repairmen. And all potential sources for help.

Start by contacting the retailer where you purchased your furniture. If your recliner is less than 1 year old, chances are that it may still be covered by warranty.

If it isn't, they may still be able to fix it or refer you to someone who can. They should also be able to order parts for you, if needed.

When dealing with other furniture stores (not where you made your purchase), some may be more helpful than others when it comes to recommending a repairman. Don't get discouraged! Even if they don't want their repair guy or gal moonlighting to help you, they often know other repair techs in the area. Just ask for a referral.

Upholstering Shops

Experienced upholsterers already have many of your repair needs covered, such as: padding replacement, fabric repair, frame repair, etc. Some have also seen their share of mechanism problems.

Can your local upholsterer fix your busted La-z-boy mechanism? Just ask. If you're skeptical, you might ask, "Hey, if you can't fix this thing, there's no charge, right?" If the response is, "Well, I wouldn't say that..." Move on and find someone else.

Furniture Manufacturers

If you can't find anyone to fix your La-z-boy reclining mechansim, you can try contacting La-z-boy directly for a referral. Maunfacturers can sometimes refer you to local dealers that sell and service their products. But some companies also have independent repair techs in the field to assist. Check to see if they have someone in your area.

Other Potential Sources

  • Car Dealerships
  • Refinishing / Wood working / Cabinet-making shops

Leather & Simulated Leather Covers

leather chairGot a tear, scratch or cigarette burn in your favorite leather chair and no furniture stores in your area? Try a new car dealership. Those fine interiors require special skills to maintain. Some of those techs repair furniture covers as well. For those that don't, ask for a referral. Experienced repair people often know others in their field.

These techs are often independent contractors. The trick is getting their contact info from the dealership. Be polite and brief. Don't go into a big explanation about your leather problem. Say something like, "I'm looking for a leather repair specialist. Would it be possible for you to put me in touch with one of your car interior repair people?"

Frame Repairs

Have a frame problem? Most anyone with wood-working skills can fix a wooden furniture frame (if it's repairable). The real question is whether they are also willing to remove the cover and padding to do so. Again, just ask. If they don't want to bother with the cover, maybe you or someone you know can handle that part.

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