How to Remove the Back

The 3 Main Back Types

  1. Locking Levers
  2. Locking catch or tab
  3. Bolted on backs

Backs With Locking Levers

The brackets on both sides of the back slide onto metal "posts" at the seat. Once properly seated, the back levers are flipped downward to lock the back into proper position, as shown in the video below.

Locking Catches or Tabs

These catches snap (lock) into place automatically when you slide the back on. It's much easier to release the tabs using a flat screwdriver, than using your hands, as shown in the video below.

Tip: If the back is still loose after sliding it on, remove and tighten the back bracket fasteners. Still loose? Use a screwdriver to make sure the tab is properly seated in its slot when the back is installed.

Removing Backs On A Reclining Sofa

The principle here is the same, but of course you have more backs to deal with.

If further disassembly of a reclining sofa or loveseat is required, the seat sections can be unbolted from the floor rails. This is ideal for reducing carrying weight or turning tight corners in stairwells.

Bolted On Backs

These backs are held onto the seat "posts" with bolts. Loosen the bottom of the outside back panel. Lift panel to expose bolts. Unbolt back to remove.